Release of the new version on Fuel Core `0.28.0`

We are happy to announce the new version of fuel-core 0.28.0. With this release, the following changes are introduced for the users and the network.

For the network:

  • Removed cases when the node could halt during synchronization.
  • Optimized how VM memory is used and passed between different node layers. The change - allows charging the user less for VM initialization and a fair charge for the user for allocation operations.
  • All opcodes became cheaper. More information about price changes here.

For the user:

  • Speedup synchronization with the network for the first 1.5M blocks.
  • Fixed problems with the reconnection mechanism.
  • Added ability to specify the gas price during dry-running transactions.

You can find the release notes for the SDK here.

You must upgrade your SDKs to use the new version of the fuel-core


Thank you for the information. However, when I try to update fuel-core to version 0.28.0, it says that the latest version is fuel-core 0.26.0. I am following the documentation with the codes I am using below.

fuelup self update
Already up to date (fuelup v0.25.1)

An update to the previous announcement for the fuel core 0.28.0. To use the latest network, you must upgrade the Rust SDK to version 0.64.0.

To continue working, you must upgrade your SDK to the above-mentioned versions before Saturday; otherwise, the older SDK versions will stop working.

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