Run a node, how change the bind to a new address

I run a node, and I use systemd check the status, and I got a error, fuel-core[2545332]: Error: Address already in use (os error 98)

systemd config:

ExecStart=/root/.fuelup/bin/fuel-core run --service-name chuhemiao --keypair ‘xxx-xxxx’ --relayer ‘url’ --ip --port 4000 --peering-port 30333 --db-path ~/.testnet --utxo-validation --poa-instant false --enable-p2p --min-gas-price 1 --max-block-size 18874368 --max-transmit-size 18874368 --reserved-nodes /dns4/,/dns4/ --sync-header-batch-size 100 --enable-relayer --relayer-v2-listening-contracts 0x01855B78C1f8868DE70e84507ec735983bf262dA --relayer-da-deploy-height 5827607 --relayer-log-page-size 500 --sync-block-stream-buffer-size 30


So, I need generate a new peer?

Hi @chuhemiao ,

Can you include the results of fuelup show here so we can properly asses what version of the node and tooling you have.

I believe if you are getting an error Error: Address already in use (os error 98) this likely means that the IP address or port you are trying to use is already in use, this might mean you have a process running which is taking up that port or IP.

I’d consider running the top command or lsof -i -P -n or see if you have any ghost processes by checking ps

Hi sir, can we run a node now?

Hi @duyenhtm93,

Yes, you should be able to run a full node now on the Sepolia Testnet.

Here is a helpful guide:

Okay, I kill the process, and fix it.