Too many open files

Got this error when running Fuel node via systemctl

While open a file for appending: /root/fuel/.fuel_beta5/on_chain/011467.sst: Too many open files

What is your server spec ? are you running other nodes / databases/ VMs etc on that same server?

Too many open files usually means that a process has exceeded the maximum number of open files

you can see the limit ulimit -n then try to temporarily increase it ulimit -n 4096 . and try to spin off the node.

You can adjust 4096 to a higher.

Intel 20 cores, 64GB of RAM, 2TB SSD, Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS

I’ve already update the ulimit both Sn and Hn to 102400 but still got the error, after checking with lsof it shows that fuel-core only able to open only 1024 when this error happened

I was going to sent you my .service file but then realized that maybe there’s a limit using systemctl, after adding another config, now I’m able to sync my node again.


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