Unable to connect to Fuel Wallet in UI

When trying to select the wallet in the UI, it asks me to install the wallet but I already have it installed.

Already installed:

Try to clean cache and remove cookies of your browser ?

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@tommaay What version of the wallet SDK are you using? The official wallet is currently at version 0.13.10. If you are using a version of the SDK that is ahead of that, you’ll need to use a development wallet until the official extension is upgraded (happening soon!).

If you are going through the beta-5 quickstart, you can use the development wallet extension.

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Nope I did try that and it didn’t work.

Hey Sara that’s the issue then I am using fuel wallet version "^0.15.2". So for beta-5, I will need to set my fuelup and wallet cli tools to use beta 5?

Hi @tommaay yes to use version 0.15.2 of the wallet SDK you should also be using the latest toolchain in fuelup, and version 0.73.0 of the fuels TypeScript SDK.

Then you can select Fuel Wallet Development in the wallet connect UI.

Hey @sarah thanks I am able to update and switch to the latest toolchain but I am not able to switch my forc wallet to beta-5 using the cli. Is there a way to do this?

Ok I got it to deploy. I got confused by the error messages when trying to deploy my contract to beta-5. It said to go to the beta-4 faucet to get some funds so I thought it was on beta-4 but there was a specific link to request funds for the wallet for beta-5 testnet.

And issue I am having is trying to import the wallet created with the CLI into Fuel Wallet using the private key. I was able to do it for the Fuel Wallet which is on Beta-4 but not the Fuel Development Wallet on Beta-5. It says the private key is not valid when trying to import it.

Ok I was able to import the cli address into the development wallet using the private key but had to prepend it with 0x. Not sure if this is a bug or not but just wanted to give that info.

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