Contract deployment, Getting error while importing wallet

Having issues importing wallet while creating contracts

Hey @harrisonjoseph17, could you run a fuelup show for me? I just want to check which version of the toolchain you’re using. Thanks!

Here it is

Can you try bumping your toolchain to Beta 5?

Toolchain Installation:

  1. To install Beta 5, run: fuelup toolchain install beta-5
  2. Set it as default with: fuelup default beta-5

Yo! Thank you for the help i sorted it out. I was able to successfully deploy the contract. Please can you point me out to where i can drop feedbacks and contributions

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Wonderful! You can create a github issue here Issues · FuelLabs/docs-hub · GitHub

Hello jayne. Can you share me the guide you used for it??

Let me look for it.

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