Unexpected end of JSON input when bridge TKN token from Sepolia to Fuel

I bridged TKN token from Sepolia to Fuel Network and an action is required to receive the tokens on the Fuel network.
When I go to history and click on Action required, I sign the transaction and I receive the error “Unexpected end of JSON input”
See the screenshot bellow:

My ETH address: 0xab455608375982d7ec4b7caea0872217599ba728
My FUEL address: fuel1fmz2tzjhrqtrw2lj73pczz3adcwc053368hwg32syasejae54h7suqqavz

Hey @danielpurece, could you also post what you see in your browser’s console?

Yes. I will do that now:

  1. This is a successful transaction with ETH bridged, to have it for comparison:

and this is what I get with the TKN token:

Captures from the file mentioned in the error: