VS Code pop-up on save

Hey guys, is anybody else getting this annoying pop-up when saving? It just keeps loading and loading and nothing happens, I only saves if I click on cancel.
I’m using the vs-code extension with "editor.codeActionsOnSave": { "source.fixAll.eslint": true },. Am I not supposed to use that in this way? I’m not even entirely sure whether this effects the Sway plugin tbh.

Here is a screenshot of the pop-up.

Thanks for any help as always!! :slight_smile:

Hello! Thanks for reporting this issue.

Could you share your formatter settings as well? Do you have “format on save” enabled?

I have seen this happen before, it seems to happen when the formatter takes a longer time to run. For example if I rename a symbol that is used across many files, it takes longer to format, and I sometimes see this message. However, it’s hard for me to reproduce. Usually after reloading the window (“Developer: Reload Window” in the command palette) I don’t see it again. Is that the case for you, or does this happen even after a very minor edit?

If this is consistently happening, there are some helpful suggestions in this post: