Where can I check out high-priority issues open for contributions?

If I’m interested in contributing to Fuel, where can I check out high-priority issues open for contributions?

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Fuel Labs host all their repos under their GitHub organisation here:

Most repositories here should have a “Good First Issue” tag applied to issues suitable for newcomers. E.g. here are the Sway Food First Issues.

The Sway repo also provides a “P: Critical” label that can be used to filter critical issues. We haven’t quite standardized labeling for priority across all our repositories, so I can’t guarantee you’ll be able to find the same label at the other repos :sweat_smile:

Before picking up an issue, be sure to read the repository’s CONTRIBUTING.md guide and notify other contributors that you plan to pick up the issue by posting on it. That way we can get the chance to let you know if a team-member is already deep at work on it, or potentially guide you to something that might be more suitable.

If you’re reading this, thanks for considering contributing to Fuel!


Thank you! good contents for newcomers

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Thank U a lot! It’s a valuable info

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