Can not join discord channel

I have came across this error a few minutes ago. Whe I click on join nothing happens
…It just said Oops…

My discord owen rosso#8228

Please try again using this link: Discord Server
Once you join, make sure to verify yourself using the captcha on the #verification channel.
If it doesn’t work, please try to log back again.
There are some issues since the last Discord update.


Try few times to join via link u shared…same thing :melting_face: :cry:

Weird, let me check if I can fix it

How old is your Discord account? That may be the reason you can’t access the server

I created my discrod acc, approximetly 2-3 months ago

I can’t join discord server. Tried several times. Please help!
My discord account is older that 1 year

Hi there @Ladoga
Have you tried using this link ?
please let me know if that works for you.