Connecting Wallet Address to my Node

I’m running a beta 5 node on my VPS. It looks like its running properly but is there an option to review its performance? How can I connect my Fuel wallet to the node?
Thanks for any advice!

I think the way you connect your wallet is to import the private key into a wallet, like the Fuel browser wallet.

Import by private key, and enter “0x” + {your secret} as the private key.

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Hi @NikoRW take a look here on how to connect to your local / personal node from your browser wallet :computer: :keyboard: :desktop_computer:
How to Use | Fuel Wallet

thanks a lot ,thats what i need

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Hello @crypt0mate.

I am also running a fuel node and my goal is to connect my Fuel address with my VPS server.
I followed the docs that you posted, but when I try to post the HTTP:// , I get an error “invalid network”

So this is my first question.

My second question is this:
Let’s say that the network is added successfully.
How is it possible that the Fuel Node (which is running on a different machine than my browser) will be associated with my wallet simply by pasting a “URL” at the network tab?

I don’t get it.

Thanks for your time

Hi @ktrip96

  1. You will need to put the IP address of your VPS. You will also need to open port 4000 on your vps firewall. Remember is your local IP address. if you installed the node on the same computer as your browser wallet you then use ( localhost)

  2. Thats how the blockchain works.

basically a wallet needs the URL of a server that is running node software of the blockchain you want to connect to.

that server could be your personal server. or it could be a publicly available node which is free to use.

for example, to connect to Ethereum in say metamask you would just go to ChainList and pick any one of the URL’s of an Ethereum node and add it to your wallet. some Dapps do this for you automatically otherwise that’s what’s going on.

hope this helps

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Thanks a lot.
Yea that was very helpful.
However, since I opened the 4000 port on my vps firewall, I can’t connect to my VPS xD
But I will contact the VPS support team for that :slight_smile:

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