Add node account to fuel browser extension wallet


Tryinn to add new created node wallet account to my fuel web extension wallet for managing it
I see that this is not working ?

I try with the secret key obtained when creating the wallet for the node but it is not recognized.

I have past the chainConfig.json without change and run like this.

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Hello @dzeko

what error are you encountering when trying to add a new account from a secret key to the fuel web extension? You may need to make sure the 0x prefix is present in the secret key before adding it to the fuel wallet.

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oh thx, I didn’t put the 0x before… :upside_down_face: successfuly added in fuel extension now :sweat_smile:

my last problem is that I have no results on my_ip/4000/graphql :thinking:

I have sudo allow 4000
but not change for this.

thanks !

could you check my_ip/4000/playground ? This is where the fuel-core has a get route

i have this result :thinking:

yes this is expected :slight_smile: . From the information I have your node is working correctly. If you enter the following query you should get the same result

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yes i have the same result when i input same query :innocent:

Thank you for your help !

one thing to note is to check the health of your node you should enter your node url instead of the fuel beta-5 url.

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