Wallet connenction to Testnet node

Hi friends! I ran testnet node on VPS using this guide
I have these logs in the console output on the server

I connected to the node from a browser wallet using

Why my balance does not match Testnet beta 5?

Hi @PaulZhemanov

can you confirm if the browser wallet is also installed on the VPS ? is pointing to a node installed on the same machine where the broswer wallet is also installed.
( means all local network interfaces )


deploy contract need to import wallet to vps.
forc wallet import
forc wallet account new

@crypt0mate @yczmc I apologize for my typo. I connected to my vps address correctly.

But the balance does not correspond to reality, I understand because the node is not synchronized to the last blocks. How can I speed it up?


here is one check you can do:


hey everyone. when i try to add my own custom network, it says ‘network name already exists’. and when i try to simply delete the default network (https://beta-5.fuel.network/graphql) and add the custom one, it doesn’t show any funds available. does my node need to be fully synchronized first before the local network is able to receive funds?

hi @omegafattyasses :wave: is your node installed on a VPS or home server? can you share some screen shorts so we can have an idea of the issue.

It’s installed on a VPS. here is a screenshot of the local network i’ve added. and it’s currently still syncing up with the chain.

The server port should be 4000 you seem to have it as 4001

you should be able to at least connect and maybe also run some graphql queries Problem about Node running: Stuck on downloading logs - #2 by matt

other than that if you face anymore issues you can refer to this post:

I can’t sync to the latest block either