Does anyone knows snapshot for block height for beta-4 node?

I could not find any information and discord group is so quite and no one answer about questions.

Hey @huntermonkeyy,

Following up on your question from Discord, I understand you’ve stopped running your node and are looking to resume without having to redownload the entire chain. You can simply rerun the command, and it will pick up where it left off; there’s no need for the block height to continue.

hunter.monkey: for currenct block height i need to update my validator for that’s reason

No my node running well at the same height with sepolia block height but when i go fuel expoler block height is like 15.000.000, that’s why i was confuse which i should follow.

Since Fuel and Sepolia are different chains, their respective block heights also differ.

Additionally, if you are referring to these flags, the DA deploy height refers to the block in which the relayer listening contracts were deployed:

--relayer-v2-listening-contracts 0x557c5cE22F877d975C2cB13D0a961a182d740fD5 \
--relayer-da-deploy-height 4867877 \

i started with this code then it’s catch block height already