How to fix this?

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  • root@vmi1925142:~# fuel-core-keygen new --key-type peering

Do not share or lose this private key! Press any key to complete.

root@vmi1925142:~# fuel-core run \

–ip= --port=4000 --peering-port=30333
–snapshot ./your/path/to/chain_config_folder
–utxo-validation --poa-instant false --enable-p2p
–reserved-nodes /dns4/
–sync-header-batch-size 100
–sync-block-stream-buffer-size 30
Error: Could not open snapshot file: “./your/path/to/chain_config_folder/metadata.json”

I skip the part of Chain Configuration which still I dont know how to do, so just let me know what command I should put to run my node. Thanks

I think to fix this I need to know the steps here in Chain Configuration, like what command I should use in Cloning the repository

"For simplicity, clone the repositoryIcon Link into the directory of your choice.

When using the --snapshot flag later, you can replace ./your/path/to/chain_config_folder with the ignition folder of the repository you just cloned ./chain-configuration/ignition/. "

I cant follow this part. So please help me

I already fixed it by doing the fuel-core run in $HOME not in the config/ignition.