How to get fuel native bridge contract id?

If it is possible to use Fuel Native Bridge via Typescript SDK (fuel → sepolia) ? I didn’t find any information about this in the documentation and on the forum

Hi there @archiveOf :wave:

You can view all the Beta-5 deployed contracts related to the bridge here: fuel-bridge/packages/solidity-contracts/DEPLOYMENTS.MD at 66634bcce00d42a158eb0d8e92d1744dac95d06e · FuelLabs/fuel-bridge · GitHub

Additionally, you can find a prime example on how to bridge to and from the Fuel network using the TypeScript SDK here: fuel-bridge/packages/integration-tests/scripts/bridgeERC20.ts at 66634bcce00d42a158eb0d8e92d1744dac95d06e · FuelLabs/fuel-bridge · GitHub

I hope this is helpful :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot! And this will work on Testnet beta 4?

No problem @archiveOf! :slight_smile: Please note that this will only be a temporary solution, as we will be phasing out Beta-4 shortly after Beta-5 is announced in the next couple of week. I highly recommend using the latest tools that are compatible with Beta-5 outlined below in order to take advantage of the newest features.

SDK Versions:

  • TypeScript SDK: v0.73.0
  • Rust SDK: v0.55.0
  • Sway: v0.49.2

If you have any other questions feel free to reach out again! :metal:

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So i’ve tried to use @fuel-bridge/test-utils and get error: “Fuel deployer balance is very low (0.0ETH)”.
My config:
http_fuel_client: “”,
http_ethereum_client: “”,
pk_eth_signer1: “…”,
pk_fuel_signer1: “…”,

For what are http_deployer, pk_eth_deployer and pk_fuel_deployer?

pk_eth_deployer is the private key responsible for deploying the bridging contract on the Ethereum side.

pk_fuel_deployer is the private key responsible for deploying the bridging contract on the Fuel side.

For more details, refer to the context provided below. Note that http_deployer can be left blank if all bridge contracts are specified below.

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